A simple checklist for safety risk assessment

There are no hard and fast rules about how you should carry out a safety risk assessment in your workplace but there are some general guidelines that you should adhere to. Here is a simple checklist to assist you with the process:

  • Identify where the hazards are – a ‘hazard’ is defined as something that could potentially cause harm and a ‘risk’ is the likelihood of that potential harm taking place. Engage staff in Workplace_Safety_Signsdiscussions about hazards and get them to think about and point out any potential issues. The management team should walk around the workplace and take note of any potential hazardous situations.
  • Identify who could be harmed and how – who is at risk in the workplace? Is it different departments? Is it the general public? Once you have identified the hazards you need to consider who is at risk from those hazards.
  • Introduce control measures – Once you have identified the hazards and the individuals who are at risk from them then steps should be taken to address and remove the hazard or minimise the risk of the hazard.
  • Keep records – for businesses with 5 or more employees it is a legal requirement to record your findings about the hazards in your workplace. Your records will demonstrate that you take the welfare of people who work in and visit your workplace seriously and that you have implemented measures to eliminate risk.
  • Review and update – a risk assessment isn’t something you do once then file away. Workplaces change and so do the risks so it is good practice to review and update your assessment annually.

Safety risk assessment in the workplace is not a nice to have it’s a need to have so if you need any advice about risk assessment and believe you and your teams would benefit from further training then please do not hesitate to contact us.