Planning the Perfect Kitchen Garden

If you enjoy cooking, there’s nothing more rewarding than growing your own herbs and vegetables. Whether you have a cottage in the country or a townhouse with a courtyard, a kitchen garden will give you the satisfaction of enjoying your surroundings while making practical use of your outdoor area.

Here are some points to consider when planning the perfect kitchen garden.

The Perfect Spot

Fruit and vegetables need plenty of sun to grow. Consider which areas are sunny and shady and choose plants that will grow well in both areas. You’ll need a good supply of water and decent soil, and you can use existing beds and borders or create raised platform beds.

A working garden just outside the kitchen door is easier to maintain and you won’t have to wander far to grab essential ingredients for your


A kitchen garden should be beautiful as well as practical. Use colours that complement your interiors so that your garden becomes an extension of your home. Containers, paving and a choice of colours can be used to create the look you want, whether it’s a Cotswold cottage garden or a sun-drenched Tuscan farmhouse look.


Peas, beans, asparagus, spinach and salads are easy to grow for beginners. Garden walls are perfect for trained fruit trees such as apricots, figs and peaches. And don’t forget the herbs!

Bug-deterring flowers such as marigolds, nasturtiums and sunflowers add a splash of colour.



Warm beige flagstones, randomly laid, create an authentic and traditional look. Terracotta-coloured brick pavers are ideal for smaller gardens and borders, and complement large, clay pots and containers beautifully. Shingle borders enhance the colours of flagstones and pavers and are perfect for both a traditional or contemporary look.