How to perfect your makeup in winter weather

Winter is the worst time of the year for makeup lovers with the harsh weather wiping away your masterpiece within the first 2 minutes of stepping outside. However, with these few simple and easy tips and tricks your makeup can wintermakupwithstand whatever this winter throws at you.

Icy and cold wind can often leave you with an inflamed and red face but it can be easily camouflaged with a green tinted moisturiser. However, if the area of redness is small you can apply green tinted concealer or a normal colour correcting concealer. Moisturisers with calming ingredients such as hydrocortisone cream are better when treating sore red areas.

Waterproof mascara is crucial in the winter as all winter weather can cause a makeup disaster and panda eyes. It is also imperative that when applying either eyeliner or shadow you only use them on the upper lids to reduce the risk of makeup smudging down your face.

Woman with Lotion on HandUsing a powder on top of your foundation or tinted moisturiser will help it set so that it doesn’t rub off on your clothing. Make sure to use a translucent pressed powder instead of loose as it is less messy and ensures your makeup stays in place all day.

Lips can get dry and cracked in the winter so it’s best to stick with a tinted lip balm that contains sunscreen. You can also use a moisturising lipstick if your lips are in good condition generally, but try to avoid a matte or long-wearing lipstick formulas as they can be drying.

And finally, using blush is very important as it can make a drained washed out winter face come to life. Using a soft peachy colour on lighter skin and terra cotta tones on darker skin on your cheeks and then blended into your cheekbones can really brighten your skin.