Why it’s better to be clever with your numbers

After reviewing practices at 15 companies, the Financial Conduct Authority said it was clear firms could and should do more to deliver fair complaint handling and consistent outcomes for all consumers. The 15 unnamed companies – seven high street banks, two building societies, three general insurers and three life insurers – have all agreed to make changes.

With reports such as this being out in the open it’s becoming clear that with even the larger companies being caught out, everyone needs to use appropriate 0800 numbers. One of the major problems seen in this report was expensive phone lines which customers across the board were reluctant to call.iphone

The FCA have made recommendations such as ensuring that all calls to dedicated complaints phone lines cost no more than the basic rate and to make sure that firms that use free phone 0800 and local rate 0845 numbers also provide an alternative 03 number for customers using a mobile phone.

03 numbers have become an increasingly popular option for business in the past few years as customers moved away from using landlines and are now more likely to call from a mobile. Many apps have been made to ensure that when calling these numbers there is no cost involved, as it would be from a landline.

However, many customers do not want to spend the time downloading an app to make what should be a simple call to company.

This is why 03 numbers are imperative to a company’s survival in an increasingly digital world. For larger banking companies a 03 number merely provides customer satisfaction, however for slightly smaller businesses an 03 can provide so much more.

Not only does it have no specific geographical link to a certain area providing businesses with a more national image, it also costs callers the same as dialling a normal landline– making it the perfect number for any business.