Why Your Cat Thinks Your New Sink is Just Purrrfect

There you are, proudly showing your friends your latest refurb project, only to find a surprise addition to your new pride and joy – your kitty is curled up, safe and sound, inside your new sink. Why is it that our furry friends love sinks so much?

A Height Advantage
There’s no getting away from it – cats love to climb and will seek out a suitable vantage point wherever they can. And, as in the wild, the cat with the highest lookout point is literally top cat.

Drip, Drip, Dripcatinsink
Now, we’re not suggesting your new sink will have a dripping tap (heaven forbid!), but sinks do provide a steady stream of running water, and our fussy kitty often pre-furs this over the stagnant water we recklessly leave lying around in bowls.

A Purrfect Bed
The shape of a sink is remarkably similar to the shape of a curled up cat. Well, unless you have one of those big farmhouse sinks. Or a giant, square cat. Sometimes there’s even a paw-celain pillow for our weary moggy to rest its head on.

A Hidey-Hole
Cats love a tight space to curl up in because it makes them feel more secure. Which means your new sink is the purrfect (sorry, can’t help it) spot to hang out. It’s also an excellent hidey-hole for when they’ve been naughty.

Ready-Made Snacks
No, we’re not suggesting you put cat food in your sink, but there is another creature that also loves a good sink – the spider. Which makes a pretty tasty snack (er, so we hear) for a hungry cat.

tap-791172_640Because You Don’t Want Them To
Cats have a sixth sense for being awkward and doing exactly what you don’t want them to. And what better way to annoy your owner than to keep jumping back into that cat-shaped cubby-hole after being chased out?

There’s such a variety of sinks on the market today, you’re spoilt for choice. Just remember to ask your kitty for its pre-fur-ences (last one) before you buy!