Benefits of a private midwife

Last year over 1000 women in Britain used a private midwife- triple the amount compared to eight years ago. Those who prefer not to go through the NHS can opt for a private, tailored service. Some of you may have been put off by past experiences with hospitals and are merely seeking a calmer, less clinical approach. But what exactly are the advantages of hiring a private midwife?

Firstly, we ensure that you form a relationship with your midwife, rather than seeing a string of strangers. This means you can form a strong bond with the person who will deliver your baby with as little stress as possible. The continuity of care gives you peace of mind and our midwives will do their very best to give you the exact experience you want.

All of our midwives go through rigorous training and will discuss your birth plan at great length with you. Any potential problems or emergencies can be dealt with by our expert midwives, meaning you will get the same standard of care, if not more, from a hospital.

As well as giving birth at home, each mother-to-be has the option to use one of our Private Birthing Suites at the local hospital. Your chosen midwife will be in the suite throughout the birth, creating the highest possible safety levels for each patient.
Payments are flexible, with just a single deposit to pay and the remaining sum in manageable payments. We offer premium prices that match our quality of care. We have a number of packages to suit a variety of needs, including ante natal care, birthing classes, scans and postnatal care, as well as birthing packages. Further details on pricing can be found on our website.