5 Amazing Reasons to Install CCTV Alarm Systems

We live in a fast-paced world when it comes to technology and CCTV alarm systems are no exception. Long gone are the days of stop-motion grainy camera – CCTV has elevated to a whole new level.

24 Hour Surveillancecamera22

Forget trawling through hours of taped CCTV footage the old-fashioned way – Most CCTV alarm systems are recorded on laptops, PCs and mobile phones. That means you can quickly browse through footage with efficiency and ease.

Lower Business Costs

Hiring an expensive security guard to patrol your commercial property means human errors can happen and security can be compromised. Using CCTV alarm systems can cut business costs dramatically – as soon as an intruder appears on the premises the alarm will go off and alert the emergency services as well as you!

Personalised CCTV Alarm Systems

A professional security shop will specialise in bespoke CCTV alarm systems for homes and businesses. Most can install anything from 2-camera home CCTV alarm systems to full-scale 100 camera commercial CCTV alarm systems.

Cost Effective for the Home

As well as lowering business costs, most CCTV alarm systems are perfect for home use. There is an incredibly large range of DIY CCTV kits so you can hide cameras on your property wherever you prefer. Most stores are happy to install your CCTV alarm system if you’re not too confident. The average DIY CCTV alarm systems include: 4-camera kits, 8-camera kits and 12-camera kits. Each option comes with high quality cameras, hard drives to store data and a feature to view CCTV feeds on your chosen device.

Amazing Deterrent

CCTV alarm systems can be an incredible deterrent for intruders if you put them in plain sight. It’s also an incredible way to keep tabs on your employees. Your workers are more likely to be productive if CCTV is in operation – so that means your business can thrive as well as remain safe and secure!